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Our Pricing Philosophy

The price of one complete song recorded, arranged, mixed and finalized for you is $450 regardless of chosen plan.

We do not make offers at "only $299" :-). We do not set price-per-hour, because you will never know how much time was really spent on work. We also do not offer prices "from $297" and then say that such price is set for the song that includes acoustic guitar and vocal tracks only. Those are ridiculous tricks that a clever person will never buy.

You pay $450 for the song written from the very beginning to the very end of it. It doesn't matter how much time, effort or technical supplies it will take to make the best out of your idea. No matter how many tracks of our multitrack hardware/software were involved in the process. We can only promise that everything possible will be done to satisfy both yours and ours demand, artistic taste and professional goals.

Example. Let's say I believe that inserting live harp track will add vivacity to electronic refrain. And then I ask you to consider this option for only extra $50 that I will pay for harpist's visit. In case you refuse just because you can not afford those extra $50 both of us would feel unsatisfied. You would be disappointed that the song could be better but this did not happen. I would not be satisfied with my work and final product. That's why we think it's not ethical to base price on song's elements. That's why the fixed price of one song is set to $450 (for either plan 1 or 2)! No hour-based fees !

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