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How this works

Online music demo recording and production studio that writes, records and masters songs is something not so common in music-making business. As long as our service is provided worldwide all the work has to be done distantly (through Internet). In order to provide maximum efficient, fast and quality service we developed the following scheme:

After the order is placed, we learn about all your demands to the song, agree on basics and prepayment of $20 is done - we start sending you the rough drafts of the song in a low-quality MP3 so that you are kept informed on the direction where our work is going. It is much easier and preferable to reach agreement in the very beginning of creative process rather than rewrite the whole song after it's finished. All your comments and wishes on those intermediate products of our work will be taken into consideration. So step by step we will finally come to the point when the song is finished and both parties are satisfied with the final result. At the very end we send you the low-quality MP3 version of the song and if you have no complaints about it, you pay the rest of the price ($280) for the work done. After that we will send you the high quality track in preferable format (24 bit 44.1kHz WAV (not compressed) by default) either on your e-mail or you will be given personal link to your song which you will be able to download using your browser, GetRight or similar software. It is also possible to have the CD shipped to you.

There are two main working plans you can choose from:
  • Free flight
    This is when you send us lyrics and your wishes/proposals on how the song should be written (style, accents, tempo, etc.) We write all the music and vocal melody. Music will be recorded twice - with and without vocal melody track (synthetic instrument playing vocal melody) so that singer can learn his/her part. In case you prefer to learn vocal part by score it is also possible. Note: we do not write lyrics It is important that you give us specifics of the singer who will perform the song (male/female, working range, preferable range, specifics and may be even sample of earlier performed part) so that melody track will fit this person.
  • Directional flight
    That is when except for lyrics you send the vocal part score. Or it is even better if you send MP3 or other type file with recorded performance of vocal part played on any musical instrument or preferably sang by future performer. This will help to see the future song as a whole, its spirit and needs of performer.
  • . . .
    Of course each song needs very individual approach and these 2 plans are not the only solution. All specifics and needs will be discussed individually when you place an order.

On your request it is possible to finalize the song mixing your vocal part into arrangement, add effects and do mastering. In order to do that you will need to record the vocal part and send it to us (vocal should be synchronized with music). It is better to do that in a recording studio or at least at home using quality appliances (microphone, preamp, pop-filter, professional audio interface (sound card) - see FAQ for details). Vocal is an extremely important part of a song for perception that's why the better is the vocal, the better is the quality of mix in a whole. You don't have to pay in addition for this option - simply we are curious to hear our work finalized. Let's consider it a bonus :)

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