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Q: Why your music demo recording studio is online? What does it mean?
A: It means that all our music production services are available through Internet. In other words we record music online. So we are Online Recording Studio.

Q: So "online" means "through Internet". Why do I need that?
A: Online music studio is indispensable for:

  • songwriters/performers living in small towns and can't frequently go to the distant studio.
  • songwriters/performers who can not effort large recording studios, which significantly overprice their services, to record his music demo CD or master his song for radio broadcasting.
  • songwriters/performers who's nearby studio can not understand your needs and work in specific (Down-Tempo, Ambient, Electronic, Industrial, Alternative Dance, Drum'N'Bass, Trip-Hop, Add Yours) style.
  • songwriters/performers who are not willing to pay for song/demo they don't like. Regular music production will not return you money in case in the middle of music-making process you understand you don't like what they are doing. That's because of payment on hour basis. In our case you can cancel your order at any time explaining the reasons of your dissatisfaction and you will not be asked to pay for what has already been done. Please be ethical using this right and we will do everything possible to comply with all your needs and desires. You should understand that our main goal is to write the song that we all like and enjoy the creative process to the maximum. That's why we work in particular music styles enjoing our work, and only working as worldwide accessible production studio we can afford ourselves this luxury.

Q: You take only $300 for the whole cycle of creating a track. What is the catch?
A: No catch at all. We do what we enjoy doing and therefore try to keep prices as low as possible. We work in a limited range of styles which we enjoy writing in. Otherwise songs could turn out to be spiritless and insipid.

Q: How much time it takes to record a demo/song?
A: It's individual. Usually 7 to 15 business days.

Q: Do you write backing tracks for popular songs?
A: No. Only custom composed (plan 1) or songs copyrighted by you (plan 2)

Q: Is prepayment necessary?
A: Yes. We need to take prepayment as a confirmation of your serious intentions rather than compensation in case you cancel your order (it will compensate nothing in case you refuse to pay the whole amount after receiving completed MP3 version of the song). Prepayment is also not returned in case we continuously and desperately can not reach an agreement on the song even though a lot of work and effort has already been done.

Q: I'm not a perfect singer. Can I have my vocal tuned (and/or time corrected)?
A: This is possible. Nevertheless this can not be considered an effect but is a correction of singer's drawbacks therefore this feature is not included to 1st and 2nd plan. That's why additional payment for such service will be required. Amount will be discussed individually.

Q: I want to record vocals for my music demo at home. What gear would you recommend for quality voice recording at home?
A: First of all you will need quality condenser microphone. We would recommend microphone Oktava MK-219 or MK-319 ($150-200). Oktava is a Russian company producing dynamic and condenser quality microphones for significantly lower price in comparison with western analogs of the same quality. For instance similar microphones from AKG will cost over $400. You will also need pop-filter (around $25). The other necessity is a audio interface (soundcard) that has quality ADC (analog-to-digital converter). We would recommend devices from Ego Systems that produce quality but cheap gear. Some of their devices have built-in microphone preamp(s). In case you choose audio interface that doesn't have preamp or has it of a poor quality, you will need to buy it separately.

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