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Professional Web Design and Development by Trip-Hop Studio

Trip-Hop Studio Web Design Department offers professional web design and programming service. Our team gathered professionals of all kinds under the label of Trip-Hop Studio. We are able to cope with the most complex tasks requiring knowledge in the areas of design, programming, search engine optimization, and other areas of web design, programming, and development. We treat any order individually and are willing to apply all our knowledge, experience and artistic talents to provide exclusive, original and excellent service up to any customer's expectations.

Our service is available for the tasks of any complexity and different nature. The scope of our work includes but is not limited to the following:

- Original Web Design. Professional and individual approach to each order allows creating design that will fit your current style and logo or create original design or its elements. No templates are used !

- Web Site Programming. Our professionals have a deep knowledge of such technologies as PHP, Perl/CGI, Mysql and Postgres Databases, Javascript, ASP.NET, etc. Their experience and professionalism allows providing the best possible solutions for your web site in the field of web programming technologies.

- Adobe Flash. Flash animations, intros, photo galleries, music players, and banners created by experienced artists with a deep knowledge of action script will add vividness and fresh look to your web site.

- Ecommerce. Selling your products and services online can attract new consumers to your business. It can become additional source of income and as well the primary market for your products. Online sales may become the key success factor for your business in the modern world of rapidly developing Internet technologies and commerce.

Our other services include assistance with domain name registration, hosting, search engine optimization (SEO) and many other tasks necessary for success of your web site.

Individual approach provides for flexible rates and deep understanding of each customer's unique needs. We are sure that our cooperation can be mutually beneficial and fruitful. For more information please contact us.

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